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New Sounds: Prateek unfurls his personal side with twang on 'Emma' - Vanyaland

Every musician knows the ol' mantra for releasing new tunes: If you love a song, set it free, if it resonates with the crowd, it's a hit.


Fresh Track: Prateek Poddar "Emma" - Red Line Roots

I first met singer-songwriter Prateek Poddar through the now "indefinitely hiatused" EBASS community. Poddar at that time was bright eyed and excited about the scene circling around him. Excited to catch new performers, excited to have opportunities like the Lizard open mic. Just a genuinely good dude to be around with an incredibly infectious attitude...


Song To Get You Through The Week: Prateek Poddar offers bluesy 'Diamonds'

Boston-area singer-songwriter Prateek Poddar has a talent for the blues. Listening to the recent music video for his song "Diamonds," it's clear that the young musician has studied at the feet of the blues masters, because the song sounds like it was ripped from the Mississippi Delta in the early part of the 20th century.


Listen Now: Prateek Poddar "Emma" |

If you haven't heard, local singer/songwriter Prateek Poddar released a sentimental new single that's sure tug at the heartstrings. The simple guitar plucks throughout "Emma" match the mood of Poddar's wistful yet blue lyrics. His energy is subtle but polished, which makes for an elegant, acoustic tune.